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Virginia Teen Sees Great Potential in Leader’s Letter for Causing Change

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Speaking to the a News Agency in Manassas, Virginia, Maryam Rambo hailed as interesting the contents of Ayatollah Khamenei’s message.
In a historic letter on January 21, Imam Khamenei asked Western youths to try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of the religion in reaction to the flood of prejudgments and disinformation campaigns.
Here is what the American Muslim girl has said of her views on the letter:
reporter: Regarding the recent letter from Iran’s Supreme Leader to the youth of Europe and North America, how could it be (more) effective in attracting those youth to the real and authentic Islam?
By not changing the message.
reporter: How capable is the message in preventing or at least reducing the ongoing Islamophobia in the West?
It is capable if we show it the right way.
reporter: Do you think America’s mainstream media are interested in publishing the Supreme Leader’s letter?
Maybe not, because they think we are terrorists.
reporter: How do you evaluate the content of the letter?
It is interesting.
reporter: In your opinion, could this letter be a new chapter in paying attention to Islam by Europeans?
Yes it could be, in the youth of the world.
reporter: Can this letter show the differences between authentic Islam and the one that ISIL and other terrorist’s groups have made?
Maybe; it depends on who reads it and how they look at it.
reporter: If the letter reached the hands of the youth of Europe and North America and then they study the authentic sources of Islam, will it change anything special?
Yes it will change the youth of the world.
reporter: In your opinion, what is the next step in order to enlighten the youth in the West on introducing real Islam?
I think we should help explain the religion.

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