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The Miracle of the Splitting of the Moon

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Over 1438 lunar years ago, on the eve of 14th of the Islamic month of Zil-Hijjah, the full moon miraculously split in two as Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.A) prayed to God and pointed his finger towards the sky, when some pagan Arabs led by Abu Jahl along with a group of Israelites demanded that if he is really the Messenger of God he should make the moon split. The first two ayahs of Surah al-Qamar refer to this fact as follows:

“The Hour has drawn near and the moon is split.”
“If they see a sign, they turn away, and say, ‘An incessant magic!”(Al-Qamar 1,2)

As is clear from the ayahs, the Arab pagans tried to deny this manifest miracle that was produced on their demand, by calling it magic or sorcery, while the Jew immediately accepted Islam, since he had read in the Torah how God made the sun and the moon stand still for Prophet Joshua the successor of Prophet Moses (peace be upon them).
According to eyewitness accounts, before rejoining, the two parts of the split moon were clearly seen on the horizon on either side of Mount Noor in Mecca. This miracle is supported by documented evidence from India, where the King of the Malabar region in the south, Chakrawati Farmas also known as Cheraman Perumel, witnessed this strange sight of the moon splitting in the sky, and on learning that the Last Prophet had appeared in the Arabian Peninsula, he made a journey to Mecca and became a Muslim.
A scientific proof of this miracle is the deep scar or rift discovered on the Moon and photographed by NASA astronomers in the US which is further proof of such a phenomenon occurring in the past. The Indian king’s sighting of the miracle is mentioned in an ancient manuscript currently kept in London’s India Office Library, where other details of the journey are mentioned including the king’s death in Yemen on his way back to India.

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