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Martyr Navab Safavi

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Martyr Seyyed Mojtaba Navab Safavi was born in Tehran in 1924 and left for Abadan after accomplishing his primary school. Then he departed for Najaf to continue his studies at the presence of the grand teachers of Najaf Seminary.


After 4 years of residence in Najaf, he returned to Iran ordered by Ayatollah Seyyed Abulhassan Esfahani to resist deviationism of Kasravi and founded Fedayan-e Islam to correct deviations. Assassination of such pro-colonialism figures as Ahmad Kasravi, Abdul-Hussein Hajir, Ali Razm Ara and Hussein Ala was a part of political activities of this group. Martyr Navab Safavi also rose against Dr. Mosaddeq’s administration for his incompliance with Islamic precepts and so was arrested and jailed till overthrow of his government.


Eventually, the indefatigable Martyr Navab Safavi was sentenced to death in consort with his three comrades Khalil Tahmasbi, Mozafar Ali Zolqadr and Seyyed Mohammad Vahedi by the regime’s sham courts and then peppered in the early morning of January 18, 1956. Accordingly, 10 years of socio-political activities of Fedayan-e Islam came to an end marking another crime in the black history of Pahlavi dynasty.

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