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Published on 24 Apr 2016 | Category : Political and Military Achievements

The failure of American Eagle Claw Operation in Tabas, Iran

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Seizure of the US den of espionage on 4 November 1979 by Muslim Student Followers of Imam Line and hostage taking of 53 American citizens was a strong blow to the prestige of the US and so, the White House was seeking to solve the problem in any possible way.


From the early days of the takeover the US embassy in Tehran, American planning to rescue the hostages was started. Along these lines, 90 American commandos were dispatched to Arizona desert to pass a 5-month complex and intensive training course. Upon the failure of the US’s other attempts to solve the problem, military invasion seemed inevitable to American governors.


The operation launched on 24 April 1980, and six C-130 aircrafts and 90 American commandos known as Delta Force were transferred from Cairo to Sea of Oman through Nimitz aircraft carrier. But one of the helicopters suffered a technical fault upon arriving Iranian airspace and its crews were forced to catch another helicopter to return to Nimitz. So, 6 aircrafts and 6 helicopters landed in Tabas desert, but while refueling for the next step of the operation, another helicopter suffered technical fault, forcing President Carter to order the stop the Operation Eagle Claw and withdrawal. When the forces were preparing to withdraw, a sand storm began to blow, causing an aircraft and a helicopter to clash and catch fire, leaving 8 American soldiers burned. Tabas incident was an expression of Divine occult relief in favor of Iranian Islamic Revolution and exposed, once again, the absoluteness of the power of God and debility of the ruse of the enemies of God.

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