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Nov. 04 The takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran

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Early in the post-Revolution era and during the rule of the interim government, many activities were conducted  all over the country to inflame and complicate the political atmosphere of the society. While hypocrite positions of the United States towards the Islamic Revolution had prevented people to perceive the real face of this country, it was exposed after a while that all those seditions and counter revolutionary movements were originated from the US embassy in Tehran. For the very same reason, Imam Khomeini delivered a harsh lecture against the Superpowers and especially the US, and particularly given to the Shah’s admission to the US asked all students and talabehs to be ready to take retaliation. In such circumstances, Iranian students decided to seize the US embassy in Tehran, aiming to force the US to extradite the Shah and return his assets to Iran. Students of universities of Tehran, Polytechnic, Sanati Sharif, Martyr Beheshti etc. gathered together in a rally towards the US embassy and could capture it despite resistance of the guards and employees. Upon perceiving the seizure of the embassy, the Americans immediately engaged in eradicating many documents of their interventions, invasions and plunders in the country, but they were stopped by the students and remainder documents were survived and later published to be accessible to all. When people became aware of the news they gathered in front of the den of espionage, full of hatred and fury towards the US, and expressed their supports for the students’ movement. Imam Khomeini also issued a message dubbing the movement as the “Second Revolution” and far more significant than the first one. The seizure of the embassy provoked American fury and propelled them, who were unable to understand the independence and freedom-seeking Iranian nation, to commit some proceedings against Islamic Republic of Iran inclusive of putting pressure on international circles such as the United Nations and its Security Council and also Islamic Conference Organization as well as making negative propaganda against the Muslim students’ action. Failure of such proceedings made them to try more serious actions; cut off of all diplomatic relations with Iran on October 12, 1980, military attack and invasion to Iran which ended up in their fiasco in Tabas Desert, and economic blockade and freeze of Iranian assets and properties were all in vain to disturb Iranian nation’s determination in its way to struggle against oppression and injustice in the world, originated from the World Arrogance and the United States. But, Iran has survived more steadfast than ever despite all these subversive actions…

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