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The Almas-e-Shargh (Diamond of the East)

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The Almas-e-Shargh (lit. Diamond of the East) is a shopping mall in Mashhad, Iran, which was designed by Khalil Sohrabian.Its the Biggest and the most beautiful Shopping Center in Middle East. Completed in 2005 with the cost of over 40million USD

Physical characteristics
Total substructure: 108000 sq m
Number of floors : 5 floors
Number of stores : about 12000
Major infrastructure : 75000 sq m
Location and other features:
Location : Situated in Sepad special tourism zone in religious city of Mashhad
Plot of land: 25000 sq m surrounded by three main roads on each angle.
Percentage of substructure area: 80% equal to 108000 and 20% equal to 33000 sq m for public and green space .

Physical information of the building and inside centers:
Major infrastructure : 75000 sq m encompassing 1238 stores, coffee shop, Fast food restaurant (Boof), Entertainment center, Prayer room, Jumping fountain , multi storey parking, CICI com Bazaar, strong brands and banks.
Heating and cooling installations: all stores are equipped with air conditioned fan coil
Frontage material : a mixture of traditional and modern material like glass, granite and…
Structure : usage of concrete and metal
Duration of construction : 40 months
Cooling and heating system: stores equipped with roof fan coil Passages and public areas are air conditioned.
Special equipments:
Fire alarm
Information and paging
Central antenna
Elevators and ramp
CCTV Cameras control system
Central Media Player and video Projection
Modern Jumping fountain
17 Escalators and … ramps
Six elevators inside the building and two in Parking.
A Panoramic elevator in central void
Four elevators for loads
Emergency power system

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