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Supreme Leader’s Recent Warnings to Leaders of Arab Countries

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Learn a lesson from the fate of Saddam! The world of politics is a world of impiety. Impiety has caused the arrogant powers of the world to abandon their own friends as well. Did you see what they did to the cursed and disgraced Saddam? They increased his power as long as they needed him. For example, the Americans supported Saddam Hussein as much as they could during the war that was imposed on us. Their support included anything ranging from providing aerial maps and intelligence, to providing weapons, offering moral support and forcing their allies to provide financial support for Iraq. This was because they needed Saddam Hussein. They were hoping that he would manage to harm the powerful and proud Iranian nation. When they were disappointed and when Saddam Hussein was no longer useful to them, they presented a different picture of him and they pursued their interests in a different way. This is a lesson for those who have faith in these impious superpowers.
Part of the Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on May 1, 2008 to members of the Iranian Armed Forces in Shiraz
top What explanation do the heads of these countries have for the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.)? This tragic event is unbearable for all Muslims, nay, for any moral and honorable human being living anywhere in the world. However, what is even more tragic and unbearable is the cowardly silence of some Arab governments that claim to be Muslims – which only encourages the enemies. What could be more tragic than the fact that the so-called Muslim governments – which should have supported the oppressed people of Gaza against the occupying, infidel (kafer) and warring (mohaareb) Zionist regime – have acted in a way that the criminal Zionist officials have become insolent enough to declare that these Arab governments support this great tragedy?
What explanation do the heads of these countries have for the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.)? How will they justify their inaction to their own peoples, who are undoubtedly bereaved by this tragedy? Surely, the hearts of the people of Egypt, Jordan, and other Muslim countries are bleeding today because of this massacre, which follows the long siege of Gaza during which food and medicine were kept away from people.
Part of the Supreme Leader’s message issued on December 28, 2008 on the massacre of the people of Gaza
top The fate of Arab traitors The Arab traitors should know that their destiny will not be better than that of the Jews of the Battle of the Trench. "And He drove down those of the People of the Book who backed them from their fortresses." [The Holy Quran, 33: 26] The nations of the world support the people and freedom fighters of Gaza. And those governments that do not support the people of Gaza only widen the gap with their people, and their destiny is already clear. If those traitors – Arab governments – are concerned about their existence and reputation, they should remember these words by the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.): "You are dead as long as you are ruled by others. You are alive even if you get killed while fighting for freedom."
Part of the Supreme Leader’s message to Ismail Haniya issued on January 15, 2009
top The fate of helpless and dependent governments Today any member of the world of Islam who considers the issue of Gaza as a personal or local issue is suffering from the same kind of ignorance which has been plaguing nations of the world. No, the issue of Gaza is not just an issue for the people of Gaza. It is an issue that will affect the entire region. At present, Gaza is the weakest part of the region. They have started with Gaza, and if they succeed, they will not leave the region. The Muslim governments around Gaza which fail to offer the support they can and should offer, are making a mistake. They are making a mistake. The more Israel consolidates its position in this region and the more the arrogant powers spread their domination over this region, these governments will sink into further problems, weakness and humiliation. Why do they not understand? Why do they drag other nations and governments into humiliation? A disgraced and dependent government makes its nation disgraced and dependent.

Part of the Supreme Leader’s public address delivered on January 8, 2009 in a meeting with the people of Qom
top Arab governments failed the test miserably. All governments are responsible towards Palestine – both Muslim and non-Muslim governments. Any government that claims to support humanity is responsible, but Muslims have a heavier responsibility in this regard. Muslim governments are responsible, and they should fulfill this responsibility. And any government that fails to fulfill its responsibility towards Palestine will be harmed for this in the end. This is because nations have awakened and are expressing their demands, and governments have no choice but to meet these demands.
Many Arab governments failed the test miserably in the case of Gaza and in the case of other issues that preceded the issue of Gaza. Whenever they had to comment on the issue of Palestine, they repeatedly said that the issue of Palestine was an Arab issue. And whenever it came to taking action, the issue of Palestine was completely eliminated from all their equations. Instead of helping Palestine and the Palestinians, instead of helping their Arab brothers, they all left the arena. If they do not believe in Islam, they should at least be committed to their common ethnic background as Arabs. They failed the test miserably. These things will go down in history. The rewards and punishments will not be delayed until the Day of Judgment. They will receive the rewards and punishments in this world as well, just as divine assistance for those who engage in jihad will not be delayed until Judgment Day.

Part of the Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on February 27, 2010 to the participants of the conference on Gaza
top The test that Arab governments were faced with Arab governments have been put to a difficult test. The vigilant Arab peoples require their governments to take serious and effective action in this regard. The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League should not be satisfied with anything less than the complete lifting of the blockade on Gaza, a complete end to the encroachment on the homes and lands of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the prosecution of such criminals as Netanyahu and Ehud Barak.

Part of the Supreme Leader’s message issued on June 1, 2010 to condemn the Zionist raid on the Gaza aid convoy
top The gates of America are closed to you! The Americans did not even reward Mubarak for his unquestioning services, and they are not rewarding him today either. Whenever – by Allah’s favor – he flees from Egypt, he can be sure that the first gates that will be closed to him will be the gates of America. They will not let him in – just as they did not let in Ben Ali, just as they did not let in Mohammad Reza [Pahlavi]. This is how they behave. Those who are enthusiastic about being friends with America and obeying it should pay attention to these examples. They are like Satan. There is a dua in Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya which says when Satan deceives me, he laughs at me as he turns away – he turns his back on me and ignores me. The Americans act in the same way. They try to promote their own interests by using such weak and wretched people.

Part of the Supreme Leader’s Friday prayer address delivered on February 4, 2011
top The fate of dictators with an expiration date America’s support for dictators is a point which has been constantly noticed about America’s behavior. They supported Hosni Mubarak as long as they could. Then they realized that it was not possible to keep him in power, so they threw him away. This is a lesson to the leaders of other countries who are dependent on America. They should know that when they become useless to America, the Americans will ignore them and will throw them away like an old cloth. But they supported and defended the dictator until the last moment.
Part of the Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on March 21, 2011 at Imam Ridha’s (a.s.) shrine in Mashhad
top The Saudi mistake will bring about hatred of the regional nations. I believe that the Saudi government made a mistake. It should not have done this. It will only become hated in the region. The Americans are thousands of kilometers away from this region. Being hated in the region may not be very important to them. But the Saudis are living in this region. If nations of the region hate them, they will have to pay a huge price. They made a mistake, and anybody else who follows them will make the same mistake.
Part of the Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on March 21, 2011 at Imam Ridha’s (a.s.) shrine in Mashhad
top Brutality will further infuriate the people. We expressed our view in a clear way. We were never intimidated by the frown of the so-called powers of the world. We did not pay attention to their frown, and we never will. We announce our righteous position in a clear way. The righteous position is that the people of Bahrain have the right to protest. You can discuss this with any insightful person in the world. Explain their situation to him. Explain the way the oppressed Bahraini people are being governed. Explain what the rulers did to take advantage of this small country. Then see if they condemn the ruling system or not. They are making a mistake: confronting the people is useless. You may pressure the people violently and manage to put down the uprising for a short time, but the uprising will not die out. You will further infuriate the people on a daily basis. One day you will lose control of the situation, and it will be impossible for you to set things right. They are making a mistake. Both the Bahraini government and those who send forces to Bahrain are making a serious mistake. They think they can annihilate a popular movement through these things.
Part of the Supreme Leader’s public address delivered on April 23, 2011 in a meeting with the people of Fars province 

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