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Shah’s Escape from Iran

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With formation and expansion of the Islamic movement, harmony of public uprisings led by Imam Khomeini, holding of the fortieth day ceremony for the martyrs in different cities, massacre of September 8, 1978, and strike of the employees of National Oil Company the regime lost control of the security of the country and the foundations of the 2500-year Imperial System were loosened within a short period of time resulting in the Shah’s escape.


Upon the failure of the military government of Azhari in establishment of order and security and resolving the strikes which had crippled the country’s economy, the Shah resorted to the leaders of the National Front. Subsequent to failure of Jamshid Amouzgar, Jafar Sharif-Emami and Azhari in control the waves of public anger and resentment during the Islamic movement, the Shah resolved to appoint a member of the National Front, who was affectedly to be an opponent of the Shah, to sooth the people’s anger. Along these lines, Shapour Bakhtiar accepted the post of Prime Minister provided that he takes full authority of the country and the Shah leaves the country after the two Parliament’s vote of confidence.


Eventually the Shah left Iran for Egypt after years of oppression and crime against Iranian Muslim people while even his closest advocates and lords evaded admitting him. After his escape, people went to streets to celebrate this triumph with sweets and flower and it was when the despotic Pahlavi Regime was experiencing its final days. Less than a month later, the 2500-year Imperial System collapsed in Iran for ever

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