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Shaheed Commander Mehdi Zainuddin

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– Birth
Martyr Mahdi Zein al-Din was born in a religious family on October 1959, in Tehran. He heard the first notes of “Koran” by his mother; his mother was teacher of “Koran”. Mahdi Zein al-Din was a talented child, and he learnt “Koran” without any teacher.
His father was deported to “Khuram Abad” because of activities against the “Pahlavi”. When he entered to elementary school, he used to spend his free times in his father’s library.
In “Khuram Abad”, Mahdi Zein al-Din acquainted with “Ayatollah Madani”. This acquaintance was something new for him.
He was the commander of “17 Ali Ebn Abitaleb” in the Iran-Iraq war. He was martyred in 1984.

– Education
In High school, he did not accept to become a member of “Rastakhiz party” and due to this had to leave school. He changed his education field and then continued his education in experimental field. He got fourth position in those university students that had been accepted accepted in Medicine of “Shiraz” University.
When his father was deported to “Saghez”, he left university and continued his father’s activities in “Khuram Abad”.

-Active Presence in Islamic Revolution
After a few times Mahdi Zein al-Din’s father was deported to “Fars” province. In November 1978, near the Islamic revolution victory, his father went to “Qom” secretly and then got his family in there. It was the beginning to Mahdi’s life.
After Islamic revolution victory and establishing “Jahad-e Sazandegi”, Mahdi joined to it. When Revolutionary Guards was organized, Mahdi Zein al-Din was one of the members of it in “Qom”.

-Commander of 17th Ali Ebn Abitaleb Battalion
Via start of the Iran-Iraq war, he had the responsibility for information of operations of “Dezful”, “Susangerd” army groups. He created so many epics in the fronts of battle. He was the commander of big battalion which was named “17 Ali Ebn Abitaleb”.
Mahdi Zein al-Din participated in sevsral operations: “Beit Ol-Moqaddas”, “Ramazan”, “Moharam”, “Operation Dawn” 3 and 4, “Kheibar” and …
His epics and his battalion kept the “Majnoon” Island. The enemy had done many military operations by heavy weapons on this area.

Martyr Zein al-Din was martyred on November 18, 1984 while he was the responsible person for information-transferring with his brother, Majid Zein al-Din, for military operations of military battalion “Ali Ebn Abitaleb”, he was going to detect military area in “Sardasht”. He was buried in the graveyard of “Ali abn jafar” in “Qom”.

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