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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rally in NY, Chicago

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Acording to different estimates, up to 2,000 protesters took to the streets of the Big Apple Sunday in support of the wider pro-Palestinian rallies that have taken place this weekend across the globe.
“Free Palestine,” the protesters chanted as they waved a massive Palestinian flag making their way down Manhattan to Times Square, where the crowd grew larger. Shutting down traffic, the activists took turns addressing the public, Russia Today reportes.

Hosted by NYC Students for Justice in Palestine as part of NY4Palestine wider movement, the crowd condemned Israel’s aggression in the recent violence recently on the rise across Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.
Even some Jewish activists joined the rally in support of the Palestinian cause and in protest to PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies.

Tensions were on the rise at Times Square as Palestinian activists were met by a pro-Israeli rally that also assembled at the center of Manhattan.

The rally in the windy city of Chicago also attracted thousands who descended on the down town with Palestinian flags and placards denouncing Israeli aggression.
Organized by the Coalition for Justice in Palestine, activists rallied downtown near Congress and Michigan Avenue as they too demanded an end to Israeli aggression and occupation.

The protesters also spoke out against their taxes being used by the US government to support Israel. They have also urged the onlookers to boycott Israel and hold it responsible for numerous violations of human rights.
According to Gaza strip authorities, 43 Palestinians have been killed since the conflict began last month, and over 1,700 have been injured.

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