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Operation Mohammad Rasool-Allah

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Operation Mohammad Rasool-Allah took place with the password of “No God but Allah, Mohammad is the messenger of Allah” on the 12 Dey, 1360 for two days in the Tuweleh and Beyareh area of Iraq towards the West of Nosoud, Iran. The goal of the operation was to push Iraqi and anti-revolution forces from the West of Paweh and South of Marivan to the back of international borders.


Presence of Democratic groups and cumulates forces on the northern front was a sign of relief and satisfaction for Saddam , but with the weakness and degeneration of these groups the Iraqi army again started its invasions and occupation and seized the border area of Nosoud till Marivan in winter, but in July 1360 the Islamic warriors liberated the east region of Nosoud from the enemy through conducting Ruhollah operation.


Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) operation was also executed with the same objective with cooperation of the IRGC and Army Corps forces on the two axis of Marivan and Paveh areas and Islamic soldiers who participated in the operation were able to release the intended targets, including border cities Nosoud, Hani Grmaleh, tuweleh and beyareh area of Iraq. However, factors such as the lack of communication and the presence of enemy forces in the mountains overlooking the region made the execution of relief activites for warriors difficult and functional units failed to register their authority over the liberate areas and thus returned from their positions.


In the course of this operation, two headquarters of Brigade 116 and a number of enemy bases around the tuweleh and beyareh area of Iraq were destroyed and amount of weapons and individual equipment were captured by Muslim combatants. More than 800 enemy forces were killed, injured or captured.

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