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Published on 24 Feb 2016 | Category : Narration of War

Operation Dawn 9 (Valfajr-9)

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While Valfajr 8 in the Fao Peninsula continued its successful operation, Operation Dawn 9 (Valfajr-9)  began on 24th February, 1986 with the code-name of “Yaa …” at the northern front of Chavarta in an area of 200 square kilometers in the province of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq  and lasted till 28th February.


The aim of the operation was the liberation of the high altitudes of the area and to reduce the focus of the Baathist army from the southern front. The Revolutionary Guards of Islamic Revolution completed this difficult operation successfully in extreme cold and high altitudes. As a result of this operation, 250 were captured and 2,500 of enemy personnel were killed or wounded. Also a part of the enemy’s territory and region’s important heights were occupied by the Army of Islam.

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