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Published on 21 Feb 2016 | Category : Narration of War

Operation Dawn 6 (Valfajr-6 )

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Operation Dawn 6 (Operation Valfajr 6 in Persian) was a military operation conducted by the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the bathist forces of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. It lasted from 22 to 24 February 1984 and, along with Operation Dawn 5, it was part a larger operation to secure part of the Baghdad–Basra highway, thus cutting two of Iraq’s most important cities from each other, and threatening the communications network supplying the Iraqi military on the front line.Operation Before the Dawn succeeded in capturing some high ground 15 miles from the highway, and Operation Dawn 6 was designed to exploit the Iranians’ capture with a breakthrough towards the highway.


The attack had succeeded in drawing away men of the Iraqi army from other sectors, including the area defending the Iranian’s ultimate prize, Basra. Later, On the 14th, Operation Khaibar succeeded in capturing Majnoon Island, 40 miles from Basra. The attack was contained through an Iraqi counter-attack with Iraqi reserves, employed in tandem with the illegal use of chemical weapons (mustard gas and sarin gas).

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