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Operation Dawn-1 (Valfajr-1)

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Three months after unsuccessful Valfajr preliminary operation, Operation Fajr 1 was planned in the northwestern region of Fakkeh till the high altitudes of Hamrin. It was started at 10;20 pm on 10 April 1983 with the code of Ya Allah – Ya Allah – Ya Allah through the attacks of Sepah and Army troops under the command of Colonel Ali Sayyad Shirazi (then commander of the Army).


From the time of Samin al-Aimmah operation which was successful in breakage of Ibadan’s blockade till the beginning of Valfajr operation darkness of night and the resting time of enemy was utilized to break the defense line of enemy and in order to nullify the opportunity of response from it. However in this operation, the technique of attack under the cover of fire was selected to crush the enemy. Therefore, the operation began by implementing massive artillery fire. 60 thousand shells fell on Iraqi positions and this was unheard of until then. Enemy also replied by firing 100 bullets.
Position area of Valfajr operation was a hilly area (having small hills) located in the southeast region of Hamrin Mountains and their height did not exceed 180 meters. Khatam al-Anbyah Camp was heading the operation from the Northern and Southern axis under the Command of Karbala Camp on the right and Najaf camp was leading it on the left side. 8 division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps with 2 Brigade and 3 battalions of Army, in other words 30 battalions of army and 80 battalions of Revolutionary Guards were taking part in this operation. Both sides performed the advancement task until dawn of the next day skillfully. From next day’s morning until the end of the sixth day of the operation, Iraq repeatedly performed counter-attacks and the parties exchanged the hills several times between them, but Iranian forces were able to achieve their goals and turn into defensive mode.


At the end of operation 6750 soldiers of the enemy forces were killed, wounded or captured and 98 tanks and armored personnel carriers were destroyed , 5 helicopter were shot down, and three 550 men units of the Jaish al-Shaab, three commando battalions and four battalions received damages. Also parts of the Hamrin mountains, several villages on the riverbank of Doveirij and outpost of Peech Angeezeh were liberated which in total was 150 km in area.

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