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Marylander Teen Excited by Ayatollah Khamenei’s Message

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Speaking to the a News Agency, Hussayn Aakil said the recent letter by Ayatollah Khamenei could not be any better.
In a historic letter on January 21, Imam Khamenei asked Western youths to try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of the religion in reaction to the flood of prejudgments and disinformation campaigns.
Here is what the young US man has said of his views on the letter:
reporter: Regarding the recent letter from Iran’s Supreme Leader to the youth of Europe and North America, how could it be (more) effective in attracting those youth to the real and authentic Islam?
Hussayn: I don’t think this letter could get much better. It is now up to the Muslim youth of the West, to show our non-Muslim brothers the meaning of Islam, by embodying the teachings of our Prophet in everyday life.
reporter: How capable is the message in preventing or at least reducing the ongoing Islamophobia in the West?
Hussayn: This message is a good START to reducing Islamophobia. I believe that in order to greatly reduce Islamophobia in the West, Muslims must do whatever it takes to raise social awareness. We must show people that Islam is not a violent religion and doesn’t allow for these atrocities to be committed. This message can greatly help in reducing Islamophobia by motivating Muslims to show the true Islam, and urging non-Muslims to gain more knowledge on the subject.
reporter: Do you think America’s mainstream media are interested in publishing the Supreme Leader’s letter?
Hussayn: I don’t think mainstream media would be interested in publishing this letter unless they found a way to show it in a negative.
reporter: How do you evaluate the content of the letter?
Hussayn: The content was very clear and concise.
reporter: In your opinion, could this letter be a new chapter in paying attention to Islam by Europeans?
Hussayn: I think this letter will force Europeans to pay attention to Islam. Inshallah (God willing) the letter will motivate the youth of Europe to make a big enough statement to force the rest of Europe to pay attention to them.
reporter: Can this letter show the differences between authentic Islam and the one that ISIL and other terrorist’s groups have made?
Hussayn: This letter has the potential to make a clear distinction between real Islam and the “Islam” practiced by terrorists and cults.
reporter: If the letter reached the hands of the youth of Europe and North America and then they study the authentic sources of Islam, will it change anything special?
Hussayn: I think the studying of authentic Islamic sources will play a big part in changing the perception of Islam in the eyes of the youth of Europe and North America. I think this change in perception will allow Islam to be more easily accepted in the world.
reporter: In your opinion, what is the next step in order to enlighten the youth in the West on introducing real Islam?
Hussayn: The next step is organization. We must begin to work together to raise awareness about real Islam. We must raise awareness in our actions, events and lectures to enlighten the youth in the West.

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