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Published on 25 Apr 2016 | Category : Exemplary Martyrs, Martyrs of Revolution

Martyrdom of Hojjatoleslam Mahdi Shahabadi

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A senior cleric and prominent figure of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Hojjatoleslam Mahdi Shahabadi, attained martyrdom in the war fronts against Saddam’s despotic regime.


Following the completion of his Islamic studies, Martyr Shahabadi actively participated in the struggles against Shah’s dictatorship. He was incarcerated by the agents and mercenaries of Shah’s regime on several occasions and was ruthlessly tortured while languishing in Shah regime’s dungeons. Following the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, he was elected as a lawmaker. With the break out of the imposed war, he left for the war fronts, enthusiastically and fervently participating in the battle against Saddam’s Ba’th minority regime.


He always pointed out that: “If martyrdom can maintain our monotheist system; and if martyrdom can propagate our Islamic thoughts and insight to the international community; we are prepared for it.”

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