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Martyr Mohammad Hossein Fahmideh, the 13-year old student

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“Our leader is this 12-year old child who with his small heart, far greater than hundreds of our tongues and pens, threw himself under the enemy’s tank with a grenade in hand and destroyed it, and thus drank the nectar of martyrdom.” (Imam Khomeini r.a.)
Mohammad Hussein Fahmideh was born to a religious and faithful family in Qom in 1967. On the eve of the Islamic Revolution and due to the events of that era his mentality changed like that of millions of his peers, making him fond of Imam Khomeini. He was a courageous, diligent, strenuous and affable boy and fond of reading. Despite not becoming religiously duty bound, he said his prayers and treated his parents respectfully. He was only 12 that Kurdistan sedition occurred some few months after the victory of Islamic Revolution. Being fond of Imam and Revolution, Mohammad Hussein departed for Kurdistan but he was stopped because he was below permitted age. With outbreak of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran he brought himself to Khorramshahr with great difficulty and could convince the commanders that he was entitled to participate in war. He exhibited various gallantries during the very same little period.

– Martyrdom

He and his friend Mohammad Reza Shams were in a stronghold that became surrounded by Iraqi forces. Mohammad Reza Shams was wounded and Hussein moved him behind the front line with great difficulty and then returned to his previous position. He perceived five Iraqi tanks attacking the soldiers of Islam and attempting to surround and kill them. Carrying some grenades he rushed toward the tanks. A bullet injured his foot but unable to mar his steely determination. He reached a tank and could disable it using the grenades in his hands. The explosion was to the enemy as if an attack has been conducted and so they left the tanks and escaped. As a result, the siege was broken and subsequently auxiliary forces arrived and cleared the region from the invaders. The martyrdom anniversary of this honorable martyr has been dubbed “The Day of Basij Students ” in regard to his unexplainable courage and bravery.

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