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Published on 21 Dec 2015 | Category : Iraqi photographers

Iran is the political axis in the world: Rahim al-Seilavi

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Hello, please introduce yourself and tell us your job!

I’m Rahim al-Seilavi, I’m 50 years old and I’m head of photographer’s community in Karbala

How many times you have traveled to Iran? What was your opinion about this country before you came here?

I have come here twice before and went to Mashhad and Qom. I was connected with Iran trough pilgrims who came to Karbala from Iran. I never really liked Iran before and I thought Iranian hate us and when we go to Iran they will hurt us!

What is your opinion after you came here?

I’m really surprised. When I saw big cities of Iran and walked in their streets I really enjoyed this country. Iran – unlike all of the propaganda against this country – is a great and advanced country. I think we –Iran and Iraq- are very close to each other, more than any other Arabic country.

What is your opinion about Imam Khomeini?

Imam Khomeini is not only for Iranians, he is also our imam and also imam of the Muslim world.

Imam Khomeini is our Khomeini, he is Khomeini of Gaza, and he is leader of all the poor people in world. I think if he had not been there imperialism would have destroyed us all.

What is the role and part of Iran in the present political equation?

Iran is the political axis in the world. This country disrupts the political equation every now and then. If Iran wasn’t backing us there was no country named Iraq. My word to Iranian people is support this revolution, this great achievement.

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