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Published on 07 Mar 2015 | Category : Iraqi photographers

Imam loved Islam and he was a great man

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Hello, please introduce yourself to us and tell us how many times have you traveled to Iran?
I’m Ahmad Sa’ad Abdul Amir and I’m a photographer from holy city of Karbala, I have come here twice, first time I was a child and there is not many things I remember
What was your opinion before you came here? What about other countries you traveled?
Before I came here I didn’t like this country and I wasn’t eager to come here, I imagined Iran as a weak and backward country. I have traveled to many Arabic and European countries.
How did you feel after you came here?
After we came here I realized that I don’t like any other country like Iran, as I said I had many trips to other countries but I found Iran most charming and interesting among all of them. Iran has a beautiful nature and here people are very nice to us.
What is your opinion about Imam Khomeini?
When I was a kid and I used to study at school they told us he is brutal and we believed it. But now I have understood that he loved Islam and he was a great man. He established an Islamic government that benefited all other Islamic countries.

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