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Imam Khumeini leaves Iraq for Kuwait

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At a meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq in New York, a decision was made to deport Imam Khomeini from Iraq. On 24 September 1978, Iraqi troops laid siege to Imam Khomeini’s house in Najaf. Imam Khomeini, determined to continue the struggle at any cost, decided to leave Iraq for Syria, but due to strained relations between the two countries it was decided that he transits Kuwaiti territories to Syria.

In the 12th of Mehr, in purpose of going to Kuwait, Imam Khomeini left Najaf. By the order of Iran’s government, the governor of Kuwait did not allow Imam Khomeini’s entrance to his country. While a visa on his arrival to Kuwait had been issued, Kuwaiti officials issued a decree to prevent him from entering the country. Imam stayed the night in Basra and decided to fly to Paris.

In a message addressing the Iranian nation, he mentioned the reasons for his flight, “Now that I’m forced to leave neighborhood of Imam Ali (A.S.) and do not have freedom in Islamic territories to serve you the oppressed nation who are attacked by foreigners and their affiliates, and in a situation that they have stopped me from entering Kuwait while I had a visa, I travel to France. No matter where I am, what is of significance to me is fulfilling my divine duty and high interests of Islam and the Muslims. Now that the Islamic movement has reached a critical stage, you and I are responsible. Islam expects us to do something.”


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