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I saw a Prosperous and Proud Country / Khomeini is an Unknown Personality

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Hello, please introduce yourself to us and tell us what your job is?

I’m Amer Kazem 45 years old and my job is photography. I have a photography store in Wasit city of Kut province.

How many times you traveled to Iran and what was your thought about Iran before you came here?

I came here 4 times. Before I come here I thought Iran is a country with nonsense authorities and they can’t understand anything and they treat people like slaves and this was because of propaganda against Iran that we believed.

What was your opinion about Iran after you came here? It was like your past thought or it was different?

It was quite the opposite. I saw Iran literally very lovely and beautiful. I saw a prosperous and proud country. People who live in Iran are free. That mean they can speak of any belief they have and defend it. I saw women can take a taxi or drive cars. I ask people about their life and they said they have a happy life and theft is very low. Of course there were the few who have had problems and they feel uncomfortable and this is normal in any country, but the majority in Iran were satisfied. We saw Christians and Sunni brothers who live and work at ease and they could worship freely.

What is your opinion about Imam Khomeini?

The likes of me cannot speak of the greatness of Imam Khomeini. Khomeini is an unknown human. Now, after 30 years Imam is like a sun that lighten the way for Muslims. Imam is the one who pulled people from the humiliation of the Shah’s regime to this point and this is not a small matter. Now Iran has made progress on many issues thanks to Imam Khomeini.

How do you see Iran’s role in the political equation?

I see that Iran is helping all Islamic countries, even those who throw stones and hitting him. Iran is like a tree full of fruit that others will use its fruit and also stone him. Iran supports the Hamas government while they are Sunni and Iran is Shiite. This is very important and show the greatness and wisdom of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, god bless him. I say congratulation to Iranian for having this leader.

Thank you for letting us take your time.

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