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Published on 13 Dec 2015 | Category : Political and Military Achievements, War Analysis

Dec. 09, 1991|UN recognizes Iraq as the Aggressor in Iran-Iraq War

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Victory of the Islamic Revolution changed the structure of power in the Middle East and posed some challenges before the Western-made security system of the region. On the other hand, the greed for the leadership of the Arab world, filling of the power vacuum in the region and regain of the interests missed in the 1975 Algiers Agreement introduced Saddam to the West as the best choice for fulfillment of its domineering aptitude. Saddam initially began to suppress the Shiites of Iraq, then favored counterrevolutionary groups in the bombing of Iran’s oil installations and, at the same time, staged direct and indirect propaganda attacks against Iran in Iraqi state television under the pretext of repossession of the Triple Islands. Eventually, Saddam tore up the 1975 Algiers Agreement in front of television cameras on September 17, 1980 and then, on September 22, launched an all-out invasion on Iran. Despite clear-cut invasion of Iraq, the UN, under the Superpowers’ pressures, evaded to introduce the aggressor till after acceptance of Resolution 598 by Iran, United Nations Iran/Iraq Military Observer Group (UNIMOG) was established. Finally, 11 years after the outbreak of war and 3 years after acceptance of Resolution 598 by Iran, and thanks to Islamic Republic of Iran’s uninterrupted political pursuit, Javier Perez de Cuellar in a formal report to the Security Council found Iraq guilty of invasion on Iran on September 22, 1980. Although so late, introduction of Iraq as the aggressor by the international community was marked as a significant victory in the history of Iran as an annotation to the epic of the Sacred Defense

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