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Christ in the Night of Glory -Read Online

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A book narrating the story of Ayatollah Khamenei’s visit to homes of Christian martyrs is translated into English to provide international readers with the chance to read the interesting events in the meetings.


About The Book

The Iranian supreme leader, Sayyed Ali Khamenei, has since the year 1983 (at this time he was the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran) been frequently visiting the families of Iranian martyrs. Of course, most of these were the families of Muslim martyrs, but a significant aspect of these visits was his meeting with the families of our Armenian and Assyrian martyrs, heroic martyrs from among these two small communities in iran, who fought bravely and selflessly in defense of their patriotic country and in the path of God.
This book is about Mr. Khamenei’s visiting these latter groups that usually took place about Christmas and the Christian new years.


We cannot describe the incredible atmosphere of these intimate, affectionate, kind and emotional meetings in a few words; one must read them all. We may, however, say that the readers often find, when reading them, that tears fill their eyes: they are not tears of pity but of human love, admiration, empathy and appreciation. The other outstanding feature of these meetings is that most often the grief-stricken atmosphere in the house gradually changes and the begrieved family members, especially the mothers of the martyrs, are really consoled and feel a greater pride for their sons who fought and died in a patriotic, rightful cause.


And this translation into English from the original Persian will be sent to Armenia, Lebanon, Europe and the USA for the further knowledge of Armenians (and Assyrians) who were living in Iran since ancient times. As an example, Darius the Great -521-486 B.C-  mentions the names of two military commanders of this who were dispatched to certain areas to quell rebellions there (Behistun, Kermanshah, account by Darius carved on a cliff in cuneiform script in 3 languages: Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian.)


We say no more and ask the readers to go over the narration about these meetings to note other sweet-bitter but sublime features we failed to describe.
Read Online : www.sahbabooks.com.

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