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US, Daesh Working Hand in Glove: American Analyst

Leader’s Letter Addresses Westerners’ Misconceptions about Islam: US Analyst

Iran is the political axis in the world: Rahim al-Seilavi

Leader’s Letter Brimmed with Messages of Peace, Justice: James Fetzer

Leader’s Letter Urges ‘Mutual Understanding’ between Islam, West: US Author

Ruling elite in the West needs terrorists to prolong their war on terror: Joachim Hagopian

Letter to Youth Unveils US Ruthless Agenda: Stephen Lendman

Leader’s letter should be read by world public: European Theologian

Leader’s letter helped ‘discover shadowy faces of terrorism’

I saw a Prosperous and Proud Country / Khomeini is an Unknown Personality

Imam truly served Ahle bait a.s. and spread Shiite all over the world

Imam loved Islam and he was a great man

Path of Iranian and Iraqi people is same/ Islam is a peaceful religion

If Muslims unite, no superpower can stand against them/ Iran has a big duty regarding the Muslims and Islamic world

Claiming of human right from America is a joke/ America is the main reason of massacres and wars in two recent decades

Peaceful nuclear energy is the right of Iran/ Iran is the propagator of morality and humanity in the world.

Ale khalipha and ale saud only has a Islamic showcase/ takfiri movement made for genocide

Takfiris act against Explicit provisions of islam

Islamic unity can’t be reached with theory/ Main factor of Islamic unity is al-Quds

the fact of Islamic revolution is different from other revolutions/ we can show the face of imam to people as an example

Imam came and make Islamic insight real/ Islamic civilization must stand behind a leader

Imam Khamenei is a treasure left from imam Khomeini/ you must protect this treasure

We know imam Khamenei as leader of muslims

Shiite Crescent turn into a full moon thanks to the Islamic awakening

Imam khomeini’s thoughts can be a strategic roadmap for all countries

Takfiris aren’t fanatic muslims/ they do horrible thing for interest of their supporters

That muslim who supported from west is not a true muslim/ True islam is in Islamic awakening

Imam Khamenei prevents takfiris from advance