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Nov. 04 The takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran

Imam Khomeini’s exile to Turkey

Martyr Mohammad Hossein Fahmideh, the 13-year old student

Operation Valfajr-4 ( Dawn 4)

Iran test fires long-range ballistic missile

Lebanese activist highlights General Hamedani’s role in defending Hazrat Zeynab shrine

Imam Khumeini leaves Iraq for Kuwait

Iranian Armed Forces Break The Siege of Abadan

A Crucial Migration: Imam Khomeini goes to Paris

Black Friday (1978)

History of iran part 1

History of iran part 2

History of iran part 3

History of iran part 4

History of iran part 5

History of iran part 6

The Chehel Sutun (Forty Columns) Palace

Vank Cathedral

The Islamic Revolution, 1978-79

Iran’s Islamic Revolution events (20 &21 Bahman,1357)

The Islamic Revolution and Women’s Role

General Principles

Sayyed Mohammad Hosseiny Beheshti

The Official Language, Script, Calendar, and Flag of the Country

Dr. Mohammad Javad Bahonar

The Rights of the People

Ayatollah Morteza Motahari

Economy and Financial Affairs

Seyyed Mojtaba Navvab Safavi

The Right of National Sovereignty and the Powers Deriving Therefrom

The Legislative Power


The Leader or Leadership Council

The Executive Power

Foreign Policy

The Judiciary

Radio and Television

Supreme Council for National Security

The Revision of the Constitution

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Mohammad Ali Rajai

Victory of the Islamic Revolution

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