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Enemy Seeking to Create Discontent by Undermining Iran’s Economy: Imam Khamenei

Leader Urges Participation in National Census

Hajj hijacked by oppressors, Muslims should reconsider management of Hajj: Ayatollah Khamenei

Leader: Iranian Nation Not to Capitulate to Bullying Powers

Leader Highlights Clergy’s Role in Islamic Revolution Movement

Ayatollah Khamenei reminds US of its failure during the Bay of Pigs Invasion

Ayatollah Khamenei Slams US Attempts to Foment Iranophobia

Imam Khamenei Highlights Islamic-Iranian System for Progress

Statements of a corrupt, hollow regime against Hezbollah are worthless: Leader

Leader Lauds Iranian Armed Forces’ Capabilities, Spiritual Motivations

Large Voter Turnout to Challenge Enemy: Leader

Act contrary to enemy’s will in elections: Imam Khamenei

Bahman 22nd Rallies Crush Enemies, Dishearten Ill-wishers: Imam Khamenei

Christ in the Night of Glory -Read Online

Leader Praises IRGC’s Action against Trespassing US Marines

Leader Urges Firm Resolve, Ceaseless Endeavor by Youth for Foiling Enemy Plots

Leader’s Letter Informs Youth of Western Hypocrisy: Austrian Analyst

Iran will Stay Committed Only as Long as the Other Side will: Imam Khamenei

All Our Effort Must Be the Endurance of Revolution: Imam Khamenei

Leader’s Letter Urges Youth to Ponder West Duplicity: Mark Dankof

US Opposes Islam, Seeks Muslim Discord: Imam Khamenei

Leader’s Letter Addresses Westerners’ Misconceptions about Islam: US Analyst

Second Letter Sign of Leader’s Good Grasp of World Events: Rev. Strehovec

‘Leader’s letter must be read in every classroom of West’: Franklin Lamb

Censorship vs. Letter4U: NYTimes, WP censor Leader’s letter after publishing it

#Letter4u2 | The Second Letter- Full Text

Riyadh Attempting to Prevent Circulation of Leader’s Letter in Social Media: Report

Leader’s letter should be read by world public: European Theologian

What Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter didn’t say…!

Letter4u heralding globalization of Islamic Revolution: Cleric


Universities should play their part in shaping the new Islamic civilization

“Death to America” means death to American policies and arrogance – The Leader

Renowned Personalities’ Quotes about Imam khamenei

Supreme leader’s Letter to Youths in Europe, North America (Full text & Gallery)

Leader says US major part of regional problems, not solution

Any Sanctions Will Violate Nuclear Deal and End Iran’s Compliance: Imam Khamenei

Leader Raps Western Human Rights Advocates for Keeping Silent on Hajj Tragedy

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution meets exemplary students and elites of the country

Ultimate aim of soft war is termination and internal transformation of the Islamic Republic

Slightest disrespect to Iranian pilgrims and dead bodies will trigger tough and harsh reaction of Iran

We condemn insults to the Sunnis’ sanctities, Imam Khamenei

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