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Imam Khomeini’s Return to Iran Marks Dawn of Victory

Imam Khomeini’s lectures on Wilayat e Faqih

Imam Khumeini leaves Iraq for Kuwait

A Crucial Migration: Imam Khomeini goes to Paris

The Years of Struggle and Exile, 1962-1978

Imam Khomeini’s Objection to Capitulation Bill and his disclosuring the regime’s plans

Imam Khomeini’s key role in triumph of the Islamic Revolution

Political aspects Of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini in history, by history, for history

Islamic Unity

Human Rights Organization

Arrogance of Superpowers

Islamic states

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Imam Khomeini in Uprising

Leadership from the Perspective of Imam Khomeini


Us gaverment

Relations with The USA

Palestine and Al Quds


Books Written By Imam Khomeini

the imam khomeini’s Will


Residence in Tehran

Establishment of an Islamic Republic

Visiting the holy city of Qom

Exile to Paris

Exile to Iraq

Exile to Turkey

The attack on Faydhiah School

Imam from 1941-1961

Marital life

Immigration to Qom

The start of political confrontations

Immigration to Arak

The childhood period

The Imam’s Background

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