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Breakage of the Curfew on the Order of Imam Khomeini

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On the eve of February 10, an armed conflict occurred between some airmen and Imperial Guard forces in Tehran which with people’s intervention some garrison and police stations were captured and some weapons were taken in the hands of people. Faced with the progressive disintegration of the armed forces and the desertion of many officers and men, together with their weapons, to the Revolutionary Committees that were springing up everywhere, the army commanders resolved to conduct a military coup and so a curfew was declared on 4 pm by Bakhtiyar.


Imam Khumayni ordered that the curfew should be defied and warned that if elements in the army loyal to the Shah did not desist from killing the people, he would issue a formal fatwa for jihad.


“… the communiqué of the military authorities is against the principles of Islam and the people should not pay any attention to it … I condemn this unhumanitarian aggression by the Guard division. These people wish to keep the hands of foreigners open in Iran by engaging in fratricide … Although I have not ordered a holy Jihad and would like to keep the peace and have the affairs taken care off in accordance with the law and the wishes of the people, at the same time I cannot tolerate such barbarism, and warn that if these acts of fratricide are not stopped, and the guard units do not return to their barracks and the army commanders do not step in to stop such aggressions, I shall take my final decision God willing, and then the responsibility will be with those committing the aggression and those transgressing.”


The following day the Supreme Military Council withdrew its support from Bakhtiyar, and on February 12, 1979, all organs of the regime, political, administrative, and military, finally collapsed. The revolution triumphed.

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