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Published on 08 Feb 2016 | Category : Emergence

Airforce’s Allegiance to Imam Khomeini (National Airforce Day)

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One of the heaviest blows on the body of the Pahlavi Regime was brave act of the personnel of Iranian Air Force on February 8, 1979. On such a day, the committed militaries of the Air Force attended Refah School, the dwelling of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, and pledged allegiance to Imam Khomeini, marking another document of honor, bravery, epic and faith in the book of Islamic Revolution.


This epic of presence and allegiance was the harbinger of the blessed tie of the army with Muslim and revolutionary nation. It was so that the army which was considered the main stay of the regime and a justification for Western and arrogant leaders to call Iran “the Island of Stability”, changed its way, as a result of changes made by the Revolution in the spirits of nation, to serve the aspirations of the Islamic Revolution and especially created many epics during the 8 years of Iraqi invasion of Iran, the Sacred Defense.


Imam Khomeini said on February 8, 1979 in the gathering of the personnel of Air Force, “Peace be with you soldiers of Imam Asr- Imam Mahdi- (AS). As you cried, you hitherto served the Taghout (false deity), who robbed all our things, and who made us the slaves of foreigners, and from now on you’ll serve Imam Asr (AS) and Holy Quran.”


The photos of their allegiance and military salute to Imam Khomeini published in the newspapers the next day frustrated the mercenaries of the regime more and reinforced the revolutionary wave of people. Now there is only 3 days to victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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