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Published on 05 Jan 2016 | Category : Narration of War

Adventure of Martyrs of Howeizeh (Howezieh Operation)

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Subsequent to Iranian conquest of Iraqi forces in South of Sosangerd in the late autumn of 1981, a group of Ahwaz Guardian Corps was dispatched to Howeizeh in defense of the city. It was while Bani Sadr had commanded Basij and Guardian Corps forces to evacuate Howeizeh and instead deploy in Sosangerd. The command was seriously objected by Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Alam al-Hoda and other soldiers, and subsequent to Martyr Alam al-Hoda’s contact with Ayatollah Khamenei it was cancelled and Guardian Corps forces stayed in Howeizeh. January 5 was decided for launch of the operation. The purpose was to clean the southern and northern banks of Karkhe Kor up from Baathist aggressor forces. On January 6, meanwhile the soldiers of Islam were waiting in front of their tanks for the code of operation, dozens of Baathist tanks and fighters appeared and began to bombard their strongholds from ground and air. In this counter-attack more than 100 soldiers from Guardian Corps, Jihad and Muslim Student Followers of Imam Khomeini inclusive of honorable Hussein Alam al-Hoda were martyred and lost. This epic of Martyr Alam al-Hoda and his comrades has been recorded in the glorious history of Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense of Iranian nation for ever.
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