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Overview | The Holy Defence Week

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The 8-year war which the US imposed on Iran on September 22, 1980 through its proxy, Saddam, was aimed at overthrowing the nascent system of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


All Iranians including men and women, youths and teenagers embarked on defending the Islamic Republic with all of their hearts against the Ba’thist invasion that was supported by both the capitalist west and the communist east, and funded by reactionary Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf. Tens of thousands of Iran’s best youths achieved martyrdom in defending the country and the lofty values of the Islamic Revolution. Thus, the Holy Defence Week is a commemoration of the epics of the Muslim combatants every year and an attempt to preserve the rich cultural saga of Islamic Iran.


The imposed war generated unprecedented unity among the Iranian people. It was just sufficient for the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace), to give a hint for mobilization of people to defend the country. It was this unity which made the Iranian people tolerate all economic sanctions and hardships, and enthusiastically send their youths to the warfronts. One of the main factors behind emergence of such a spirit was the faith of the Iranian people in God Almighty. The Iranian Muslims marched to the warfronts in the circumstances that they considered being killed in the path of God as an honour for them. This morale created a specific spiritual atmosphere at the warfronts that resulted in victory. The 8 years of holy defence of the Iranian people, made the calculations of the eastern and western superpowers go awry. The tyrannical Ba’th minority regime of Saddam not only failed to achieve its initial objectives in attacking the Islamic Republic but at the end of 8-year war a powerful Iran emerged in the region as the paramount regional power. One of the greatest achievements of the 8-year holy defence was stability of the Islamic Republic, and failure of all US military, economic and political measures for overthrowing or even weakening the Islamic Republic. The newfound spirit paved the ground for growth and development of Iran in all cultural, social, economic and military sectors.


Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran was client state totally dependent on the US and the West, and importing all its needs from abroad. The victory of Islamic Revolution, under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini changed all that. A new spirit of independence, freedom, and striving towards self-sufficiency was infused in the structure of the country, while the blind enmity of the US and its accomplices in imposing sanctions, only spurred the resolve of the Iranian people for economic growth and development, to the extent that after the end of the 8-year US imposed war, reconstruction started with the same enthusiasm. First, the war-devastated areas were rebuilt. At the same time attention was also focused on other sectors, such as economy, industry, technology, culture and the social fields.


In some fields, like nuclear energy, nano technology and aeronautics, the Islamic Republic of Iran, despite the sanctions became the leading country in the region with outstanding achievements that could be compared to any of advanced countries of the West. The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, which recently started operations, is the first of its kind in the Middle East. The nuclear fuel cycle for producing fuel has been mastered by Iran, while in the field of aeronautics it has taken giant strides by sending into orbit its first satellite named Omid and followed it up with other satellites. In the field of nano technology, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the leading countries in the region and the world. Iran’s progress in the defence field is very spectacular. During the 8-year holy defence, Islamic Iran started producing its own armaments and today it has made rapid development in manufacturing a variety of sophisticated military hardware including tanks, aircraft, submarines, ships and missiles. Iran’s defence industries have strengthened the country’s regional and world status. Now, no aggressive power can think of indulging in military attack on Iran since in such a case, the Islamic Republic’s response would be crushing.

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