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On the 2nd day of Moharram, Hussain(a.s)’s caravan reached Karbala. Thousands of Yazid’s soldiers were already there, having arrived long before the Imam.

The small tribe living in Karbala gathered around Hussain(a.s)’s caravan. Imam Hussain(a.s) enquired about the price of the land in Karbala. He then bought the entire land.

Then, he first spoke to the menfolk of the tribe.

“O, menfolk of Karbala! We have not come here to fight. Yazid’s soldiers will fight with us and we will be killed. They will not bury our bodies and our bodies will be left to the wild animals of the desert. I request a favour from you. Please, bury our bodies.

Then, he turned to everyone who had gathered around and spoke again.

“My second request to you all is to look after the people who will come to visit our graves after our death. They will be my guests so please look after them and feed them for three days.”

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